Welcome to The
Land of Plenty

Hunting and foraging was part of daily life for the Native American Apache tribes. The tribes used every part of the animal respecting the animals' sacrifice. At Apache Smoke and Grill we take the same approach with responsible hunting forming the cornerstone to our dining approach.

Our logo adorns eagle feathers, Apache warriors were awarded a feather when they won a battle or were particularly brave in war. When a feather falls to the earth, it is believed to carry all of the bird's energy, and it is perceived as a gift from the sky, the sea, and the trees again echoing our food philosophy. At Apache Smoke and Grill we display our feathers with dignity and pride in gold at the arch of our restaurant entrance, the gold symbolises love, compassion, passion and wisdom.

We prepare our food with meticulous detail and passion offering our patrons innovative food using traditional cooking methods. Like our namesake, we utilise fire in our cooking process sealing in the natural flavour of the meat with a hint of smokiness.

Apache is forged in fire and smoke offering a unique dining experience

Welcome to our tribal family

Apache smoke & Grill

Pushing the boundaries and redefining fine dinning as not only food and service but mastering the art of it is our mission. At Apache smoke & grill we have a unique mix of cuisine styles, where we redefine contemporary cooking. Using flavor profiles from South-Africa, France and Asia, blending these to form our unique and bold cuisine. At Apache we use fire and smoke too seal in flavor to our wide range of meat options.